LAMOUR SILICONE BEADED PROBE | Saddlebrooke Accommodations

? It has graduated beads
? The toy has a hook for control
? It is waterproof
This is a toy made with beads. It is made in a graduated manner with the smallest beads coming first and the largest ones last. The toy has a long string of beads each stretching you out a little more than the last one. The probe is made of premium silicone material that is phthalate free and safe for use on your body. The silicone is very comfortable to use as it warms up to meet your body temperature fast enough so that you don’t have to be uncomfortable as it feels completely natural inside you.
The probe has a hook at the base of it so that you can control it and so that it stays where you have put it without you having to keep holding on to prevent over insertion. The toy is good for the novice as well as the expert as it is 6.75 inches in Sexy Party Wigs length so the expert can insert as many beads as they want or need and the novice can gradually move up from a few bead to the whole string.
You can enjoy this probe as you masturbate alone or with your partner at play time. You don’t even have to use it in the bedroom you could choose to have some we wild fun and take it with you to the bathroom, pool hot tub or Jacuzzi. With this probe water based lubricants are the best and it would serve you to avoid using it with water based lubricants. Cleaning is easy using warm water and mild soap or a good toy cleaner. Ensure that you let it dry before storing it separately from all your other toys.